My Name Spells “SAP” Backwards

I am a sucker for a good, tear-jerking, romcom or dramatic film. No. I take that back. I’m a sucker for anything that exhibits “LOVE.” I’m talking authentic, unconditional love. Love so real that you could almost touch it if it weren’t for the TV screen standing in the way. That’s how I felt while watching “And So It Goes” when I caught myself walking towards the TV. Then again I do have a soft spot for old people falling in love again.

You don’t realize just how lonely you look when you’re sobbing over scenes that are meant for a long “awww” or an “almost” cry. I know that my tears are simply a symptom of something much deeper that rears its head when watching a love story. Call it self-inflicted if you must; it’s more of a purge, if anything.

Alright. I’ll be honest. I’m super doooo-per sensitive these days. Especially about the things I’m passionate about. It’s only natural for me to react the way I do whenever I see or experience something that only amplifies my current state of mind. Old people falling in love again is the cutest thing in the world to me (next to babies, and toddlers saying the darndest things)! They’re like kids, just with grey hair. So my tears are more like that of happiness than sadness.

I love Love. I love to see it. I love to see what it does to people. I love to see how it changes people. I love to see it transform itself into a process and give birth to a product that was manifested by passionate diligence. It’s so amazing to watch! I can’t help but think how powerful this emotion is, and how it sucks that it’s abused to much.

I said all that to that to say that I’m a huge crybaby whenever Love comes over.


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