For The Indie Lover In You

I can’t stress it enough: I love underground artists! I love raw talent. I see potential thru lenses most can’t see thru. My ear was constructed to hear things differently. It’s something about hearing a polished track delivered to my inbox and feeling like I’ve found the most beautiful gem around; I can’t wait to show the world my discovery.

Those who know me know that this love isn’t a new thing for me, but one that’s been brewing for years. With “indie” being the trend now, more and more artists are chasing the indie dream of being recognized worldwide without the help of a label. It’s also amazing to see more people allowing the music to do the talking for once, and not rely solely on the artist’s popularity to dictate whether or not they give them a chance. These gems have been right under our noses all this time, but popularity contests and budgets have left a lot of underground artists with the job of building their name first in order to get the listens, causing the quality of music to suffer. That is a task in and of itself.

Gone are the days of the conditioned mindset to only listen to music from artists with songs on the radio and a music video on BET or MTV. Yet, we are still faced with the task of artists feeling as though they are in a race against time to “Get On Now” instead of really taking their time to produce a good body of work. I say a silent prayer for the gems I do find in hopes that they take the time to find their voice. All too often do we humans get distracted by the things we see/hear before thoroughly testing out the idea that got us started. That’s not to say that the popular sound should be ignored, because who knows, it might actually be the thing that gets you to the sound you were going for. However, finding your own identity before utilizing a sound that can be associated with someone else is essential to standing out, especially in the Indie World.

Let’s face it, the Internet has let everyone in and saturation is at an all time high. There’s literally no shortage of music! You can discover new music everyday for the rest of your life if you wanted. Which is why being passionate about your craft, staying focused on the journey, and defining your OWN success is important in today’s world. In the meantime, let the music be the music and trust that it will find its way to listening ears.



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