Un-fit: When You’re Just A Regular Person

I turned 30 less than a week ago. You wanna know what changed?

Not a damn thing.

I had this idea that I’d change my look on birthday. Ha! I’m still rocking this natural.

My goal was to be 30 pounds lighter by now.*side eye* Yeah, I’ve lost 5 un-noticeable pounds so far.

The funny thing is that I didn’t really give a real effort to try to achieve any of these things. The moment I felt myself making a move towards it, I’d stop myself once a thought entered my mind that instantly talked me out of it. It didn’t dawn on me until I realized that nothing of what I aspired to do was really me; but simply a trend trying to work itself out through me. In other words: I was only doing what I saw. I apologize for the wordiness. My new goal in turning 30 is to try to get to the point a lot faster and use less words. I guess you could call me considerate of other people’s time. Or a glutton for hearing myself talk.


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